intelligent technologies.

Medical imaging, optical systems and machine vision

We are a team with long-standing experience in the field of electrical engineering and computer science, and we are particularly proficient in medical imaging technologies, optical systems, computer and machine vision, and deep learning.

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Medical Imaging

Automated medical image analysis
Computer-assisted diagnosis
Treatment planning software

Optical Sytems

Determining optical properties of turbid media
Hyperspectral imaging
Digital holographic microscopy

Machine vision

Machine and computer vision systems
Automated product quality inspection
Computerized particle size and shape analysis

Deep learning

Deep neural network architectures
Application for image processing and analysis
Classification, deteciton, segmentation, etc.


Laboratory of Imaging Technologies

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineeering

Sensum d.o.o.

Sensum, Computer Vision Systems d.o.o.


INTELITEH intelligent technologies d.o.o.


Tehnološki park 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


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